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4 Solopreneur Micro-Steps

SO, you've decided that NOW is the time get started.

What's the very next question you want to ask ask?

Well, it's...

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Solopreneur Six Figure Formula (1000 Fans @ $100/yr)

When you're starting your online business, the sense of overwhelm around all the things you need to do can tend to...

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The Progression of Knowledge (Anti-Overwhelm Trick)

This is a little 4-step mindset hack I like to revisit often, especially when I'm embarking on a BHAG (Big Hairy...

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Why I Focus On Systems (Over Goals)


So let's talk a little bit about systems over goals for a minute.

And everything I'm talking about today will...

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How I Deal With Criticism

How do you deal with criticism?

And by the way, I'm talking about responding to legitimate criticism and NOT to...

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How To Create A YouTube Thumbnail With Canva (FREE)

Have you started a YouTube channel yet?

If not, you definitely should.

And when you do. You'll need to add "creating...

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How To Use Google Trends To Test Your Niche

Here's a quick example of how to do a Google Trends test to find your niche (and more specifically, how to test your...

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How I Made Plan B, Plan A

Once you've decided that NOW is the time to start your Plan B, your side-hustle or your solopreneur online...

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Is Passion Really For Suckers?

"Follow your passion" is largely what you hear in all the business/success/productivity sphere. Sounds perfectly...

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Your Biggest Career Risk Right Now

The biggest career risk this year is...

NOT the oncoming recession...

NOT the next round of business shut-downs...


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