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E6: How To Ensure Your Audience Will Actually Buy What You Produce (And Avoid Wasting Time)

My guest today is Tobin Pilotte.

Tobin helps creatives, discover how their creativity can serve them using his Creativity Mechanism Method.

He's a 30 year+ designer and artist who brings creative strategies to people who want to grow in their creative efforts.

  • How can I ensure I'm launching my business into a market that will actually buy what I produce?

  • When it comes to being a coach or a consultant, how do I balance profitability and fulfillment?

  • And what should I do about my coaching model, if I'm not exactly sure if it's working?


Here are some of the most valuable moments in our conversation:

0:00 Introduction

0:49 How do you filter possible business/product ideas?

11:30 How to ensure you're not building a 'solution in search of a problem'.

29:26 How to use a beta-offer to make your product impossible to say 'no' to.


👉 Listen to the podcast: https://www.bradlong.co/podcasts/dopamine-drip-podcast/episodes/2148667523

👉 Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/XXH2ajRRorQ?si=6qn0JfsOoL7Fpfjm


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