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Dopamine Drip Podcast

Dopamine Drip Podcast

Hosted by: Brad Long

My Dopamine Drip podcast is where creative entrepreneurs come to get their most pressing business questions answered. The Dopamine Drip is a no-nonsense, 30-minute weekly podcast offering no-fluff tactics to help...

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E6: How To Ensure Your Audience Will Actually Buy What You Produce (And Avoid Wasting Time)

My guest today is Tobin Pilotte. Tobin helps creatives, discover how their creativity can serve them using his Creativity Mechanism Method. He's a 30 year+ designer and artist who brings creative strategies to people...
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E5: How Many Social Channels Should You Focus On (And Not Sell Your Soul)?

My guest today is Colby Wegter. Colby is the founder of Leader OS. (X) He helps service-based leaders, (Y) scale without stress, (Z) Using using his systems, teams, and community. As a content creator, should I...
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E4: How To Craft High-Ticket Coaching Offers (That Deliver Tangible Results)

My guest today is Leon from King Educates. Leon is a financial coach with a background in accounting and finance who is currently teaching A-Level economics and business abroad and launching his financial coaching...
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E3: How To Use A Quiz To Build Trust With Your Audience (And Get Better Leads).

My guest today is Justin Vajko, a video-encouragement enthusiast. Justin is the Founder Of Dialog, a done-with-you video production agency that specializes in removing the overwhelm of making video content for busy...
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E2: How To Overcome The Fear Of Selling (Without Any Mental Gymnastics)

My guest today is Meg Niman. Meg is the creator of the Persona Project where she leads: 1. INDIVIDUALSBring the best version of themselves to each situation using hybrid course and individual, 1:1 coaching. 2....
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E:1 How To Attract More Clients As A Coach/Consultant (And Avoid Coming Across As Salesy)

My guest today is Scott Feldman, a Christian life and leadership coach. Scott runs 210Coaching. "I equip Christian men to live extraordinary lives by helping them live out their God-given calling." What's the right...
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