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Dopamine Drip Podcast

Dopamine Drip Podcast

Hosted by: Brad Long

My Dopamine Drip podcast is where creative entrepreneurs come to get their most pressing business questions answered. The Dopamine Drip is a no-nonsense, 30-minute weekly podcast offering no-fluff tactics to help...

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E5: How Many Social Channels Should You Focus On (And Not Sell Your Soul)?

My guest today is Colby Wegter. Colby is the founder of Leader OS. (X) He helps service-based leaders, (Y) scale without stress, (Z) Using using his systems, teams, and community. As a content creator, should I...
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E4: How To Craft High-Ticket Coaching Offers (That Deliver Tangible Results)

My guest today is Leon from King Educates. Leon is a financial coach with a background in accounting and finance who is currently teaching A-Level economics and business abroad and launching his financial coaching...
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E3: How To Use A Quiz To Build Trust With Your Audience (And Get Better Leads).

My guest today is Justin Vajko, a video-encouragement enthusiast. Justin is the Founder Of Dialog, a done-with-you video production agency that specializes in removing the overwhelm of making video content for busy...
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E2: How To Overcome The Fear Of Selling (Without Any Mental Gymnastics)

My guest today is Meg Niman. Meg is the creator of the Persona Project where she leads: 1. INDIVIDUALSBring the best version of themselves to each situation using hybrid course and individual, 1:1 coaching. 2....
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E:1 How To Attract More Clients As A Coach/Consultant (And Avoid Coming Across As Salesy)

My guest today is Scott Feldman, a Christian life and leadership coach. Scott runs 210Coaching. "I equip Christian men to live extraordinary lives by helping them live out their God-given calling." What's the right...
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