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The Respectable Elevator Pitch (in 30 Seconds)

Do you ever freeze up when someone asks you to stand up and introduce yourself at a networking event?

Well, kiss the awkwardness goodbye when you utilize this XYZ+ elevator pitch formula.


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When it comes to ‘Elevator Pitches’...

What comes to your mind?

  • Anxious
  • Clownish
  • Awkward
  • Vulnerable
  • Under-prepared

Everybody feels this way...

(Unless they’re a complete narcissist.)


What Does ‘Respectable’ Look Like?

  • Respecting time constraints (30 sec)
  • Respecting audience brain space
  • Respecting the honey badger 


What’s An ‘XYZ+’ Statement?

  • I help ‘X’ (person/organization)
  • Accomplish ‘Y’ (solve problem)
  • Using ‘Z’ (system/method)
  • ‘+’ A great introduction for me is...


XYZ+ Examples:

Marketing Agency:

  • Hey I’m Chuck with Roundhouse Marketing...
  • (X) Right now, I’m helping chiropractors,
  • (Y) Attract more qualified patients, 
  • (Z)Using a simple dopamine drip marketing quiz.
  • (+) This month, a great introduction for me is your chiropractor/ofc mgr/marketing director.
  • Let’s connect and chat after the meeting...


Management Consultant:

  • Hey I’m Elizabeth with The Intentionals...
  • (X) This quarter, I’m help non-profit leaders,
  • (Y) Revitalize their organizational culture, 
  • (Z) Using our ‘Flip The Script’ Coaching System.
  • (+) Right now, a great introduction for me is the director of a non-profit you’re currently supporting/working with.
  • Let’s connect for a 1:1 after today’s meeting.


Non-Profit Director:

  • Hey, I’m Lori with Next Step Ministries...
  • (X) I help parents with adult special needs children,
  • (Y) Regain balance in their lives, 
  • (Z) Using our award winning day programs.
  • (+) This month, a great introduction for me is the parent of an adult special needs child who needs some support and encouragement.
  • Let’s connect via 3-way email sometime today.


Cremation Director:

  • Hey, I’m James with Neptune Cremation Society...
  • (X) I help busy adult kids of aging parents,
  • (Y) Not get toasted by unplanned funeral expenses, 
  • (Z) Using our Spicy Neptune Salad Stack.
  • (+) A great introduction for me this week is your financial advisor, bc proactive funeral planning IS estate planning.
  • Let’s chat about who you have in mind after the mtg...


Some 'Writer Downers'

  • Resist the overwhelming temptation to use: ‘anyone, everyone, someone’..or other generalizations.
  • Be bold. Be Narrow. Be specific.
  • It’s okay to have an X,Y,Z+ Statement for each one of your ideal client profiles...
  • "You increase your credibility when you lead with clarity..."
  • "If you confuse, you lose..." - Donald Miller


Let’s talk about the Honey Badger... (i.e. Your Audience)

Honey Badger Is Thinking...

  • What is this?
  • Is this for me?
  • Does it solve my problem?
  • Who can I connect them with?


Honey Badger DON’T Care About... (In This 30-Second Context)

  • My title 
  • My accolades 
  • My experience 
  • My qualifications


Honey Badger DO Care About...

My ability to:

  • Articulate who I help
  • Articulate the problem I solve
  • Be clear about who I want to meet


‘XYZ+’ Statements DOs 

  • Be super specific (think of a current client)
  • Economy of words is always appreciated
  • Ideate/Role Play in your 1:1s
  • Practice with a timer
  • Have fun with it
  • Buy me coffee


‘XYZ+’ Mistakes To Avoid 

  • Using ‘corporate-speak word salad’
  • Not rehearsing (with a timer)
  • Adding ‘random thoughts’
  • Going ‘off-script’
  • Winging it 


A few more ‘writer downers’...

  • Emulate before you iterate...
  • Your X,Y,Z+ Statement is repurpose-able across ALL of your marketing channels (and offers).

  • Respect your audience and your audience will respect you...


Ready To Write ‘XYZ+’ Statement?

  • I help ‘X’ (person/organization)
  • Accomplish ‘Y’ (solve problem)
  • Using ‘Z’ (system/method)
  • ‘+’ A great introduction for me is... 


Download the XYZ+ Worksheet

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