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How I Recover From Burnout

If Solopreneurship means not being controlled by ANYTHING or ANYONE...

What do you do when you start to feel "controlled" by the very thing you're building?

WARNING: You're approaching the "burnout zone" and I want to give you a few warning signs so you're not blindsided...

But first...

YES, you're hearing that right, the realm solopreneurship, just like the corporate realm can tend toward a high degree of burnout IF you're not careful.

For me, having both experienced EXTREME burnout and having done the hard burnout recovery work from my days in corporate America, I have a pretty robust warning system...

But in case you don't yet have a robust "early warning system" like, let's look at a few potential...


Warning Signs Of Approaching Burnout:

  1. HEAVINESS: Your once exciting content/engagement activities (LinkedIn, etc.) become heavy and burdensome...

  2. OVERWHELM: Your "non-negotiable" daily commitments start to "feel" overwhelming...

  3. JOY DIMINISHMENT: The "joy" of your creating and serving begins to fade...

  4. ROBOTIC-ISM: Your routines start to feel lifeless and robotic rather than truly meaningful and helpful to others...


WHAT TO DO when you see it coming?

Here are 4 things I do IMMEDIATELY:

  1. RECOGNIZE: Allow yourself a moment of honesty that you see that burnout is on the horizon if you continue down the path you're on.

  2. HONEST INVENTORY: Ask some honest questions about who, what, why and how you're approaching burnout.

  3. SEEK SUPPORT: Ask you peers how they typically recognize/handle approaching burnout.

  4. ADJUST ACTIVITIES: Change things up. Take some pressure off yourself and ease off the gas a little.


Here are some TRUTHS about solopreneurship you'll want to keep in mind:

  1. Solopreneurship is a LONG game. Adjust accordingly. Pace yourself.

  2. Remember, Rome was not constructed in a 24 hr time frame.

  3. No one is going to die if you reassess and adjust your potential burnout triggers.

  4. You MUST protect and nurture, your most valuable asset... your sanity...


It's not worth it to ignore it and just force yourself to "just keep going".

You're tempting a potentially irrecoverable crash and burn if you pretend it's not there!


SO, let me know in the comments...

Do you see potential burnout on the horizon for you? OR...

Are you experiencing it now?

Whatever you do, be vigilant about this!

Don't let burnout destroy your solopreneur dreams...

And if you're looking for a simple and sane strategy to avoid all of this, take my quiz to learn the sane strategy. 👇👇👇


That's all for now...

See you soon!!


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