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Read This Before You Start Creating Content On The Internet

Creating content for the internets is kind of like trying to dance with a honey badger...

'She don't care' (horrible grammar, I know).

And she just might claw your eyes out if she feels like it.

As you've probably already noticed at this juncture, the internet is a hot, noisy, impatient, overcrowded place and everyone is vying for our attention.

This makes honey badger VERY grumpy.

But here's the thing...

You actually shouldn't be creating content for 'the internet' at large.

You should be creating content for exactly one person.

The more focused you can be in your articulation of who you serve, the more honey badger will pay attention.


So you want do be able to describe that person in one sentence using an XYZ statement:

X - Who you serve.

Y - The problem(s) you solve for them.

Z - The method you use to solve said problem

I actually have a step-by-step video on formulating your XYZ statement: www.bradlong.co/xyz


Here are a couple of examples of a good XYZ:

  • (X) I help non-profit COOs,

  • (Y) Revitalize their organizational culture,

  • (Z) Using our ‘Flip The Script’ Coaching System.


  • (X) I help parents with adult special needs children,

  • (Y) Regain balance in their lives,

  • (Z) Using our award winning day programs.


But let's get back to this this honey badger thingy.

Because, even when you've narrowed your niche appropriately and you're talking to your exact right person, you still need to know what your honey badger cares about (and doesn't care about).

By the way, I walk through exactly how to narrow your niche in this video: https://www.bradlong.co/blog/5-common-mistakes

You see, honey badger is SUPER impatient...


She 'don't' care about:

  • My title

  • My accolades

  • My experience

  • My qualifications

  • My 'feeling' of entitlement

  • How 'hard' I work on my content

  • The hours I labored making my course

Honey badger don't keer about nun a dat (yet)...

She MAY care about all of that at some point...

But, not until you've proven to her in your content that you understand her, you understand her problem and can demonstrate HOW you're specifically going to help her solve that problem (preferably with data and social proof, but we'll get to that later).

She wants what she wants and she wants it yesterday.

So you could say...


Honey badger 'do' care about...

My ability to:

  • Cut to the chase

  • Articulate her problem

  • Use her words, not mine

  • Actually solve her problem

  • Define her before/after transformation

  • 'Show my work' in the form of social proof. and

  • Demonstrate that I understand her emotional journey


So you can see, it's accurate to say that honey badger can be a bit of a narcissistic pill?

And so it is with content on the internet.

But, if you spend some time up front being useful (as opposed to just interesting), you can REALLY get her dancing...

If you can spend some time really digging into how you solve problems in your content, honey badger will actually love you and bless you with LOTS of attention.

If you're curious about how to validate your particular honey badger's profitability, so you can really home in on that XYZ statement, you can see that here:

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