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Brad's Online Business "Inner Circle"
6- Week LIVE Coaching Masterclass









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6-Weeks To Confident Solopreneurship!


My Inner Circle Masterclass is packed everything you need to:

Establish your entire Value Ladder (Sales Funnel) of:

  • 1 : Validated Market
  • 1 : Lead Generator
  • 1 : Lead Converter
  • 1 : Product


You'll have all the tools to be able to:

  • Identify and validate your profitable niche' market.
  • Ask the right questions¬†to reveal the "language" they speak (DDS).
  • Publish, repurpose and recycle high-quality organic content (and avoid burnout).
  • Deploy a high-converting¬†quiz funnel (lead magnet) that accurately diagnoses your audiences pain.
  • Co-create life-transforming and best-selling digital products WITH your audience INSTEAD of in a vacuum.
  • Move forward with confidence that you've established a digital business foundation that is ready for massive traffic!

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And keep an eye on your inbox. :)

What Students Are Saying

Prashha Dutra

Prashha launched her first quiz funnel and with 30 days... got 500 new email subscribers and landed a new $5k client! Prashhas's story is an amazing testimonial of the power of quiz funnels as a lead magnet.


Adriana Tica

Adriana, a 15-year marketing veteran outlines the reasons she uses the "Market Clarity Method" validation process for her existing business ideas and why she believes ALL new and pivoting solopreneurs must use this framework to avoid picking an unprofitable, "dud" market..

Lane Sebring

Watch Lane outline two specific elements (The DDS and Quiz Funnels) of the training that are helping him continue to grow and scale his already 6-figure online business.

Lane is a great example of really digging into the material, trusting the process and reaping massive results in his business.


Dr. Tracy McAlvanah

Tracy is in the process of relaunching her chiropractic/functional medicine practice while working a full-time job for a nutritional supplements company. This program helped her to go back and really home in on her ideal market using the "Market Clarity Method".

Jess Probasco

Jess is in the process of redesigning and relaunching his financial coaching business as an online business platform. Listen to his use of the "Market Clarity Method" and the "1:1:1:1 Solopreneur Value Ladder" strategy. One key takeaway for Jess has been: "Your message should come from your market, not from your mind."


Ryan McFadden

Ryan is in the process of exploring his profitable coaching market and pivoting from financial coaching into more personal development and leadership coaching. Overall, the most helpful parts of the program for Ryan have been the "Market Clarity Method", as well as the material on email marketing, pricing, Deep Dive Surveys and Quiz Funnels.

Brian Long

Brian is in the process of transitioning his highly successful counseling practice into an online business. Listen as he describes how the program helped him to 1) start the transition process (i.e. website, email, content set up) and 2) overcome his "technology phobia" by using Kajabi. Oh, and he's also now a huge fan of Deep Dive Surveys and Quiz Funnels.