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Solopreneurship 101 (Without All The Guesswork)

If you've been thinking about starting an online business or becoming a Solopreneur, even just as a side hustle, there is a lot of really good information out there on just how to do that.

In fact, there's so much information it's probably going to take you some time to decipher through all right what's truth what's error.

My recommendation is to find an influencer, somebody that you have gotten to know and trust, somebody that has results that you're looking to get and go buy one of the courses.

That's a really great place to start.

If you're new to this, there's a certain vocabulary that you're gonna need to have. You're gonna need to have the vocabulary of 1) whatever it is that you're trying to teach. And 2) you're also going to need to have a "marketing vocabulary", you know, of how to get the word out.

Then what I would recommend is at some point you're going to need much more one to one hands-on training as possible so, what I would also recommend is that you seek some private coaching from whoever you choose as a coach.

OR I would at least recommend some group coaching from them because, as well-versed as you'll become in the vocabulary of what it is they teach and how they teach it,  there are always going to be these little inflection points in your business.

What I mean is that you may have learned the principle, you may understand the principle, but you're having a difficult time shoehorning it into your business.

Or there's a particular issue that has arisen that you need more "hands on" help with...

Take email marketing for example. You may understand email marketing in principle. You may know the benefits of having a sales funnel or a launch funnel or a nurturing funnel, or even a welcome funnel, but when it comes to the actual language that you wanna use and how you're speaking to your ideal customer, that's where you know, another set of eyeballs could be super helful.

Having and expert actually looking at your continent and giving you that direction is going to take a lot of guesswork out of it so my recommendation is to get some training go get some coaching and get started man.

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