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How To Obliterate Your Imposter Syndrome

Do you struggle with Imposter Syndrome?

(Hint: Unless you're a complete narcissist, you probably do.)

What is it?

Why do we have it?

When does it show up?

What can we do about it?

Important note: I'm not talking about delusion, lying to your audience or pretending you're something you're not (Liver King, anyone?). I'm talking about the feeling imposter syndrome around areas of competency that you genuinely possess or are even growing in, but you just have this shyness or reticence to put yourself "out there" for fear of criticism.

How do we overcome Imposter syndrome?

Ever heard of a "talent stack"?

You actually already have one but you probably just hadn't thought of it this way.

To define yours, take a minute and think about all the skills you've ever learned in your life/career(s).

What are they?

Managing? Selling? Accounting? Marketing? Customer Success-ing? Excel Spreadsheet-ing? Data Analysis-ing? Peace Making? Boss Appeasing? Lie Detecting? Endless boring PPT presentations enduring? Hourly Salesforce Updating?

Your talent stack is basically an inventory of the entirety of your marketable skillset.

And at this point, you probably have at least a dozen areas that you're HIGHLY skilled in.

Now, here's the question:

What if you could augment what you already know with a couple more, easily learnable micro-skills and START YOUR OWN THING, even just as a side-hustle?

What if you could wrap everything you already know into a couple of new micro-skills like: video creation or blogging or email marketing or coaching/consulting to start making a side-income that could ultimately lead to you completely jettisoning a career or a job that has almost completely burned you out?

Just some food for thought to get your wheels spinning...

So, my encouragement today is for you to make that list of your current talent stack and ask, "what additional micro-skill(s) would I need to learn, to start my own thing?"

I'd love to know in the comments below...

Happy stacking!


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