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Why I Pivoted And Rebranded (Where We’re Headed)

Times, they are a changin’ and so are we! 

Are we doing personal finance, online business, what’s going on here?

If you’ve been around my YouTube channel recently, you’ve probably already noticed that I’ve started to move toward more of a “personal brand” and away from my old tried and true ZeroDebtCoach monaker.

This has ACTUALLY been entirely intentional and let me explain why.

Because, like I said a minute ago, “times they are-a changin”. And so am I AND consequently so is my brand (all to better serve you). 

  1. My focus up to this point has been the basic “blocking and tackling” of personal finance (i.e. financial organization, budgeting, expense tracking and debt elimination).
    1. And while I’m super proud of all the free content that I’ve produced that, if you follow it, will get you out of the paycheck to paycheck cycle, financially solvent, debt free and on toward some semblance of financial independence, I want to give you SO MUCH MORE!
  2. As I’ve dived even more deeply into personal finance, I’ve also tackled investing, cryptocurrency, minimalism, financial independence and online entrepreneurship. But, what I started to notice was that the “ZeroDebt” branding has just started to feel a little, shall we say,  constricting… I started to feel confined and as a result my content began to feel a little stale.
  3. And, just as importantly, I’ve noticed that as we’ve lead more and more people past “the basics” and even “the intermediates” of personal finance, there’s a very large number of you that are looking at starting an online business or YouTube channel as a side hustle to:
    1. Start earning some extra income.
    2. Start permanently establishing multiple streams of income
    3. Looking to leave their crappy corporate job/career burnout (just like I did).

For that and MANY other reasons, I’ve created a brand new platform/personal brand you can find @www.bradlong.co!!

Now, don’t get me wrong, ZDC isn’t going anywhere! There’s WAY too much good it’s doing for you guys for us to even consider abandoning it.

BUT I will say that, while I am and always will be a personal finance enthusiast at heart, I felt like I needed to switch things up and broaden what I talk about into: personal development, online business and probably my favorite of all, financial independence (which the first two subjects naturally point to).

Okay now, 2 things that will be SUPER helpful for you if you’re thinking of starting and growing and online business (even just as a side hustle) are 

1) My FREE START. An Online Business guide… It outlines the process of how to get started in 6-easy to follow steps… link in the video description below AND

2) This video here…  that walks you through the 6 steps of both setting up and scaling your online business. So click right here and I’ll see you in that video. That’s right, just click right here, I’ll see you there… :)

Whenever you're ready, there are 2 ways I can help you:

1. If you're wanting forward momentum in your business, I'd recommend starting with an affordable course:

➡️ The ADAPTIVE. Solopreneur - Course Bundle: Productize your knowledge with my niche validation, content, marketing, audience attraction and traffic growth system. Everything you need to start, grow and scale a profitable solopreneur business.

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