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How To Get People To Work With You When You're New (Credibility)

Trying to create some credibility when you're starting a new business or launching a new product can be one of the most frustrating parts of the whole online business process.

I mean, you have to get customers, students and clients so that you can build testimonials and build your social proof, but how can you convince people to "go with you", especially when you're in a competitive market?

Today's questions comes from a subscriber @mohibquadr4053.

He asks:

"Brad how do you counter the problem of a lack of experience when clients are mostly choosing to work with established people who have 2-3 yrs of experience. How do you stand out from the crowd in online business to attract potential clients in the beginning of design solo-preneur career as civil engineer?"

So essentially, the question is:

  • "How do I demonstrate credibility and social proof when I'm starting a new business or launching a new product?"
  • "How do I compete in the marketplace and earn the trust of my audience if I don't yet have any credibility with them?"
  • "How can I get people to trust me when I'm first starting out?"

And while Mohib is a civil engineer, this process applies to any kind of new business.


 1. Use Your Existing Accolades

  • Break out your memory, creativity and "brag book" for this one
  • Start thinking about ALL of your past accomplishmentsHigh School/College honors/mentions/activities
  • Institutions you've been a part of including college/university
  • Community service/charity projects
  • Companies you've worked with and accolades received
  • Traditional media mentions
  • Blog mentions
  • Organizations you're associated with
  • Testimonials from current/former customers/clients/colleagues
  • It all counts toward establishing credibility with your audience!


Using existing accolades helps to create a sort of "halo" effect for you

  • Ex: My first business (ZeroDebtCoach)I was passionate with my own process/results
  • But I didn't have any other success stories starting out Not much coach experience to speak of
  • Had to "lean on" past accolades"My own success story and the process of getting there
  • College accomplishments (Magna Cum Laude)
  • "Who's Who" lists
  • Company accolades/achievements and sales accomplishments
  • Testimonials form current/former customers/clients/colleagues

Dig deep! Scour your brag book.

  • Use whatever you’ve got to establish your credibility.
  • College, university, internships, volunteer work—it all counts.
  • Keep a scrapbook of your clips and mentions so you can leverage absolutely everything.
  • Frame your accolades in terms like this:
  • "The founder's previous work and programs have been featured in..."


2. Use a "Beta-Tester's" Approach

  • Using feedback from an initial brand/product launch
  • Try out your new program for free in exchange for your students/clients giving you their honest feedback about the program and the results they get.
  • Find them through your Deep Dive Survey (DDS).
  • That process will give you your initial group of success stories.
  • This is an excellent "social proof" primer for your brand and we go into more depth in our "How To Get Killer Testimonials" material!

Here are the process steps:

  • Run what's called a Deep Dive Survey (DDS) (and more on that in a second).
  • Incorporate the feedback people give you.
  • Offer those survey takers access to your new product in exchange for their honest feedback.
  • Incorporate the positive feedback as your initial social proof that what you're teaching ACTUALLY works.


Now, you might be asking, "what's a DDS?"

A Deep Dive Survey Is...

  • A question or series of questions you ask your audience in order to uncover their biggest problems, pain points or desires.
  • A DDS is usually phrased in the following way:
  • "When it comes to [Your Topic], what's your single biggest challenge?"
  • When it comes to [Your Topic], what's your single biggest goal right now?"
  • The DDS is an excellent tool and a MUCH bigger subject for a whole other day. If you want to see an example, here's a link to one of my DDSs: www.bradlong.co/dds


Here's an example of one of my DDSs:

Question 1:

"When it comes to Starting And Growing Your Online Business, whats your single biggest challenge right now?"

NOW, You can also use your DDS as a way to gather more follow-up and demographic information.


Question 2:

"Which of the following best describes YOU?"

(The reason for asking is because knowing this will help me serve you more specifically.)

  1. "I'm starting a new business."
  2. "I'm trying to grow and scale and existing business."


Question 3:

"If you could only pick one, which of the following is the most important Online Traffic Source to your business?"

"Facebook, Google,YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest or I don't know yet."


Question 4:

"Which of the following best describes where your business is currently:"

  1. "I don't have a business idea just yet
  2. "I have a business idea, I just don't know where to begin"
  3. "I've started my business, I just don't know what to do next"
  4. "My business is up and running, I just need more traffic and subscribers


Question 5:

"If we were to create a paid program that helps you overcome your online business challenges (and you had to choose just one), which of the following are you most likely to have signed up for, if it was already available?"

"Digital Course, Online Community, Group Coaching, Individual Coaching, All of These, None of These"


Last Step:

"What’s your best contact info to notify you when your QUIZ feedback has been incorporated?"

Again, if you want to see an example, here's a link to one of my DDSs:



Let's summarize this process:

So, to create credibility when you're new:

  • Use your existing accolades.
  • Use the "beta tester's" approach.
  • Run a Deep Dive Survey to your audience.

Following this simple process will allow you to gather some initial social proof that you're someone that people want to follow and/or do business with.

And remember...

"You don't have to get it perfect, you just have to get it going."

 So, if you're looking to start, grow or scale your online business, check out this quick start guide below and I'll send you some additional goodies to help you start, scale and grow.

To your freedom,


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